Holding the Pelham Reins

This first photo of how to hold the Pelham reins shows the correct finger placement. If you are using Jack's Pelham bit and his recommended two different reins, you would place the wider, softer, 5/8-inch, latigo leather rein on the outside of your little or pinky finger. You would put the more narrow, thicker, 1/2-inch, harness leather rein on the outside of your ring finger. The picture below shows shere you should keeps your hands while riding.

This photo shows about where you would keep your hands while ridding in the Jack Brainard Pelham bit and reins. Basically, your hands should remain low and on either side of, but not above, the pommel of your saddle. If your horse gets confused, keep your hands steady and low.

You can have your horse soft and in the bridle in no time.

You can be as comfortable trailridding in your Pelham bridle with 4 reins as you are in 2 reins.