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This is the letter "B" on the Cowboy Dressage™ competition court that is in honor of 

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Thoughts from Jack Brainard - Sept 2015


America’s western horse world is finally awakening to the fact that there is more to correctly training a horse than seeing how fast you can rope a steer by his horns, or how far you can slide a horse on his hind feet, or how quickly a horse can maneuver around a triangular set of barrels. There must be more to it than this intense, competitive money winning complex we are faced with in the today’s horse world.


In this age of specialized competition many of true horse training principles have been ignored or lost. It is how quick we can get the horse to a money earning date. Since the biggest prize money is for 3 year olds they are pushed to extremes and their breakdown, unsoundness rate is horrible, even disgraceful.


With Dressage principles finally coming to light in the Western horse world, horsemen are beginning to see its value. It took a long time, and we are still only at its beginning, but we can see this positive change already. Why? It is because old world dressage principles have been proven for at least 300 years, and these principles are the true basis for anything we do on a horse. No matter if it is working a cow, doing a 20 ft. slide, chasing around the barrels, or jumping a five foot oxer, the horse will be improved if he has been schooled with dressage principles strongly included in his basic training.


It is still hard to convince a western trainer or horseman that shoulder in, haunches in, half pass, pirouettes, collection, tempe changes etc. is the answer to success doing anything on a horse, but we are gaining.
Hopefully with this new impetus on dressage principles we are going to see a new concept beginning to evolve that will include competition in a different manner. It will be based on levels of the horse and riders skills. Better yet, forget about the competition. Everyone knows that to ride a well broke horse, doing anything, is a fun, pleasurable experience. The real challenge is being able to develop this kind of horse. Nothing gives you greater sense of achievement, accomplishment, or satisfaction and fun than training a well broke horse.


This in Cowboy Dressage is our goal, our reasoning, and our belief in our non- compensation work, time, and effort in bringing our concept to fruition.
Eitan Beth-Halachmy is surely the true founder of Cowboy Dressage. He proved its worth years ago with his demonstrations on a fabulous black horse called Holiday Compadre. No one on a western horse could even start to duplicate his moves. He left his audiences spellbound and it surely wasn’t because he learned watching western horse trainers. Dressage was the background, and he like me is still trying to prove its worth in everything we do on a western horse.







If you have been around Jack recently, you are aware of his passion for Cowboy Dressage™! He has developed a friendship with Eitan Beth-Halachmy of Grass Valley California and the two are making quite an impact in the world of "Cowboy Dressage™".  


The concept of including "Good Dressage" exercises and principles in the training of Western Horses is not new.  Good Western trainers have been doing it for years.  What is new is the evolving movement of Cowboy Dressage™ that is bringing the gifts of classical dressage to the Western horse without sacrificing the heritage of the Western horse.  What does that mean?  It means that a Western horse should not be expected to move like a Warmblood.  Our Western horses will not have the suspension of a Warmblood.  Our Western Horses jog instead of trot and they lope instead of canter.  Our Western horses can however move in better balance with their weight shifted back to relieve their front ends. Most importantly, they can be encouraged to have a supple back for better biomechanics and longer soundness.  The Cowboy Dressage™ website has lots of detailed educational material.  Or come visit Jack at a clinic with your horse.

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