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Pelham Bridle

Photo of Bandit by Bonnie Glasgow


Those fortunate enough to have ridden in a Jack Brainard Advanced Horsemanship Clinic recently have heard Jack’s views on the sometimes confusing task of introducing the curb bit to a horse. Jack has designed a bridle that has all of his specifications to ensure a smooth transition for the horse.

The Jack Brainard bridle leatherwork is custom made by Cheaney Tack in Gainsville, Texas. The bridle is made exclusively of Hermann Oak Leather – one of the finest leathers in the world. The bridle headstall and reins are stained to a medium brown.

The bits are custom made, to Jack’s exact specifications  by custom bit and spur maker, Rod Teuscher. The Pelham bit is Jack’s favorite bit for schooling horses. The standard Pelham bit is 5 inches wide with short loose jaw swept back shanks and a low port. Different widths of bits are available by special order. The bit is made of sweet iron with a small amount of copper inlay.

The reins are just over 7 feet in length. You normally ride in a Pelham bit with two sets of reins. Jack has chosen ½ inch Harness leather reins for the curb rein and he has chosen 5/8 inch Latigo leather reins for the snaffle rein. The difference in width/thickness of these reins will help you with your transition to riding with 4 reins. You will be surprised how easy it will come.

The regular headstalls have a brow band with throat latch, and simple brass and silver star conchos. The silver headstall also has a brow band with throat latch, and silver conchos and silver buckles. All of the leather headstalls will have Jack Brainard’s “Diamond B” brand stamped onto the leather.

For information on how to hold the Pelham bit reins click here.

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