How To Host A Jack Brainard Clinic



E-mail Bonnie Siegel at with your requested dates for a clinic. She will check with Jack’s calendar for availability. Bonnie will then get back to you with a date. At that point you can then try to get your clinic filled. Your clinic would be “Tentative” at this point. As soon as your clinic is full, you will e-mail Bonnie and we will consider the clinic dates “Official.” We strongly recommend that you request clinic payment “in full” from your riders, at the time of booking their riding spot. It might be helpful to your riders for you not to cash their checks until just after the clinic. You can keep the clinic in “Tentative Status” until 1 month before your clinic dates or until another clinic host requests the same dates.

Date of clinic should be at a time of year that the weather is expected to be mild in your area.

No deposit is required. Your liability for cancellation would be any expenses that you had already paid, your time invested, and possibly Jack and Kathy’s airfare if applicable. Since Jack charges a “flat rate” per day, we do suggest that you charge your clinic riders enough in clinic fees to be able to cover any unexpected expenses.

Clinic fees
For clinics inside of the United States, Jack charges a “flat rate” of $1250 plus expenses per day (call or e-mail for rates outside of the United States) - regardless of the number of riders. You can decide how to divide the clinic fees among the riders. You could divide the cost of all clinic expenses equally among the other riders and ride for free, or you could charge a bit more per rider and make a profit. The clinic host has maximum flexibility in organizing the clinic to suit your area. Once Jack’s clinic fees and expenses are met, the clinic host will keep all other fees, such as auditors' fees. You might consider pricing the clinic where you would break even with 10 riders. You could then sell 12 rider positions. This would give you a cushion if you have a late cancellation. You could ride for free and might make a bit of money too.

Length of Clinic
This is up to the clinic host. You will know your clinic participants' availability. A four-day clinic format works well.
Clinics usually start about 9:00am each morning and end at about 4:00pm with a 1 1/2 hour break for lunch.

Travel Expenses
If Jack and Kathy fly to your clinic:

It is very important to purchase travel insurance when buying air tickets.  Things can and do come up!

• Airfare for Jack and Kathy, with transportation to and from your airport. They can fly out of Dallas/Ft Worth Airport or Dallas Love Field Airport.
• Food and lodging for both. Jack and Kathy do not have any dietary requirements. Breakfast could be as simple as juice, coffee and a sweet roll or cereal. They both like all food including salads.
• A horse and saddle for Jack to ride for demos during your clinic.
• A sound system with a wireless microphone for the arena.
• A dry erase board, or a poster board, with a black marker for the “Bits and Bitting” talk.
• 1 roll of Yellow duct tape (Home Depot usually has this) and a black marker to label the riders' saddle pads with their names.
• A pair of scissors to cut the tape.
• A small table for Jack’s book sales.

If Jack and Kathy drive to your clinic:
• Gas mileage of $0.50 per mile - round trip.
• Food and lodging for Jack and Kathy.
• Stalls for Jack's horses.
• A small table for Jack’s book sales.

We will bring a sound system, dry erase board and duct tape. However, you should have an emergency back up plan for the sound system.

• Covered fenced arena.
• 200 feet in length is an ideal arena size for canter departs. Slightly larger or smaller is OK.
• Host is responsible for daily arena dust control.
• Electrical outlets for sound system.

Clinic Participants
Your clinic participants will gain the most out of riding in a Jack Brainard Advanced Horsemanship Clinic if they bring their most advanced horse. These are not “Problem Horse/Colt Start” clinics. Riders ideally should be able to canter their horse quietly. The horse should usually pick up either lead that the rider asks for, and the rider should know which lead that the horse is on.

As this is an “Advanced Horsemanship Clinic”, the participants might want to bring a pair of spurs for more refined communication with their horse.

Jack usually likes to teach 10 to 12 riders. A few more is OK.

Clinic Content
While each clinic is slightly different and tailored to those riders in attendance, you can expect the clinic format to follow that of Jack’s book If I Were To Train A Horse. It would be helpful for each rider to have previously read Jack’s book before attending the clinic. You might suggest to the participants to bring their copy of Jack’s book for him to sign. The last day of their clinic is a good time as Jack will have gotten to know them a bit better by that time.

Jack is a master of teaching both horse and rider the elements of the flying lead change. The prerequisites for flying lead changes will be covered. You will learn to gain control of all of the horse’s individual parts. Timing your requests to the horse's footfall, and cadence will be emphasized. You will learn a new depth of the meaning of “straightness.” The overall goal will be for the rider to learn how to “ride a better horse”.

• All clinic participants will sign Jack’s Liability Release BEFORE the start of the clinic. This should be e-mailed to you in advance of your clinic.

• Clinic host should provide a typed list of each auditor's and rider's name, address, phone number and most important - an e-mail address for Jack’s data base. It would also be helpful to provide a list of names and e-mail addresses of all of the people who contacted you concerning information about your clinic or Jack.

• Please feel free to call Bonnie with any questions. Hosting a clinic is very labor intensive! We consider it a labor of love. We truly appreciate your interest in hosting a clinic with Legendary Horseman Jack Brainard!!! You will love the positive response that you receive from your clinic riders and the knowledge that you gain!