Cowboy Dressage

               When Dressage suits your needs, but a Stetson suits your lifestyle.



Eitan Beth-Halcamy

"Cowboy Dressage, as the name implies, is a combination of the best of both worlds: Traditional western and classical horsemanship. Each discipline of horsemanship is time honored and recognized on it's own. When you combine the philosophy and practice of each and add music, you create art. Art is what Cowboy Dressage is all about: a medium of self-expression through the freedom of pure horsemanship."

It is so hard to explain what Cowboy Dressage is. It is so many different things to so many different people. Perhaps it is a way of not just combining two distinct disciplines but even more importantly "uniting" them. Good horsemanship, its principles, practices and teachings do not belong to just one discipline, it belongs to all disciplines, all breeds, all equestrians. Dressage and its development through history is a gift to all equestrians, to be shared by all and to be learned by all. It is not about the saddle, it is about you and your horse. The partnership, the friendship and the commitment. Pure and simple.

Dressage to a horse and rider are like the blue prints to an engineer who must build a bridge. You must know the fundamentals of building in order to create a structure of durability, strength and ability. Dressage is the hub of the wheel and from there come the spokes which are the understanding of form, movement and balance.

The "Cowboy" part of Cowboy Dressage.....    that is my own personal dream. That lifestyle and its code is where my heart lies. As a kid in the movie theaters I was swept way by the romance and hardship of it all. And the horses, every day was filled with horses. In those days your lives truly depended on each other. A partnership could mean life or death to one or the other. I have had the pleasure and honor to visit and participate on some real working ranches in Wyoming. That partnership between horse and cowboy is as true today as it was 100 years ago. That truth brought me to this country and it has had a hold on me ever since.

Cowboy Dressage for me is a belief in a life style and a discipline. It is an open door to knowledge and growth on two fronts. There are no rules, there are no judgments, there are no tests. Just you and your horse, your conscience and quests. It is about the partnership and how I arrive at mine with my horse.

"The Dressage is my discipline.... the Cowboy is my freedom."

What can I do with Cowboy Dressage?

If you have a competitive spirit and a love of Cowboy Dressage there are a few doors that are opening up to you!!!